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A collection of sculptures crafted by local Winnipeg artists which are showcased on Portage Avenue and various other downtown Winnipeg locations.

All Hearts All the Time
by Erica Swendrowski

Text messaging has evolved as a way of condensing language for more efficient hand held electronic communication. I like the irony of putting micro messages on macrocandies that are anything but hand held.

All Hearts All the Time All Hearts All the Time All Hearts All the Time
All Hearts All the Time All Hearts All the Time All Hearts All the Time
All Hearts All the Time
by Kate Loewen

This piece may signify either a collective memory or a stalled dream of what many still feel was an important moment in our history. Is it the last remnant of something remembered or the first building block of something new?

Jets Jets Jets
A Tribute to the Gulpee Capital of the World
by Jon Armistead

Tribute to dubious accomplishments: "His state is kingly: thousands at his bidding speed, And search o'er street and mall without rest; For the one frosty drink; that they might also be served who only stand and slurp." With apologies to Jon Milton.

A Tribute to the Gulpee
Capital of the World
A Tribute to the Gulpee
Capital of the World
A Tribute to the Gulpee
Capital of the World
Behold The Hear Trumpet!
by Cullen Bingeman

Do we really hear other people? Does anyone hear us in this complex urban environment? I like the idea of eavesdropping on people at the bus stop or conversely calling out to them as they wait quietly for their bus.

Behold The Hear Trumpet! Behold The Hear Trumpet! Behold The Hear Trumpet!
The Pigeon King
by Curtis Wiebe

Hardy, resilient and much-maligned, he arrived with Columbus over 500 years ago. May the Pigeons of Winnipeg who have erected this monument to their beloved king continue to make their daily offerings in his honour.

The Pigeon King The Pigeon King The Pigeon King
Exponentially Cubed
by Justin Muzyka

To enhance the subtle change in the symmetry of an otherwise linear form, woven steel screen was utilized to suggest a transparency and lightness not generally associated with a two thousand pound steel object. Passers-by may see a kind of animated light as the layered mesh creates an optical effect.

Exponentially Cubed Exponentially Cubed Exponentially Cubed
Once Upon a Chair.
by Erin Brown

A child's imagination is capable of the miracle of transformation. Pillows and a chair become a pillow-fort or a whimsical castle. I wonder if there is a moment when the imagined castle might become just as real as the cushions from which it is fabricated?

Once Upon a Chair. Once Upon a Chair. Once Upon a Chair.
Rez Dawg
by Jackie Traverse

Rez dawg refers to the mixed-breed stray dogs on First Nations reservations where even the dogs that do belong to people only go home to eat and sleep. I associate the Rez dawg with the under dog. My Rez dawg appears happy and proud to be where he is. It's as though he's saying "If I can make it here...anyone can."

Rez Dawg Rez Dawg Rez Dawg
Horseshoes and Coppelia
by Catherine Toews

Horseshoes and Coppelia are nervous. If you have a moment, say hello to them or to anyone else nearby. There are times when we all feel nervous or lonely or even silly - at those times, it's nice to have a good friend nearby.

Horseshoes and Coppelia Horseshoes and Coppelia Horseshoes and Coppelia
Wind Wall
by Kim Halpenny

This multi-coloured wall is as reactive to human touch as it is to wind. The vibrant towers create a dynamic counter point to the surrounding city scape causing passers-by to reflect in their own connection to the city.

Wind Wall Wind Wall
Flying Envelope
by Candice Lui

These playful references to the past, faux Greek columns in a flower bed, suggest this might be the place from which urban life springs. A handful of feet with Hermesian wings ascend god-like toward a flying envelope as it lifts off from the tallest coulumn.

Flying Envelope Flying Envelope
What Comes 'Round
by Robert Taite

"What comes 'round here will probably go back where it came from." (Whatever goes upward must return again, eventually.) Wherever you go, before taking that first step, remember to look up! With chins up, we''ll grin at each other on our earthly round-abouts.

What Comes 'Round What Comes 'Round
What Comes 'Round What Comes 'Round
Two For Mirth
by Leanne Roed

If artists designed buses our lives would be improved in wonderful ways. Imagine a bus that was first and foremost a work of art.

Two For Mirth Two For Mirth
by Adele van Gend

Birds inspired human flight; perhaps they have been inspired in some way b things that people do. The towering Taxi bird gestures through the twin columns.

Taxi Taxi
A Good Day
by Catherine Toews

Imagine things you could never do and doing things you could never imagine. Legs, a board and the ultimate challenge - what else is there?

A Good Day A Good Day
The Right Stuff
by Mark Saunders

Some argue we need more police on the beat while others say we need art on the street. Why can't we have both?

The Right Stuff The Right Stuff
Jellybean Park
by Erica Swendrowski

Jellybeans make people smile, and they taste good, too. Why not dedicate a park solely to all those jellybeans that wait patiently, in forgotten corners, for occasional smiles from unsuspecting passers-by?

Jellybean Park Jellybean Park Jellybean Park
ELRT - Elephant Light Rail Transit
by Jon Armistead

What could be better than a grand old elephant to bring us to the thrilling circus spectacle that is downtown Winnipeg? The anachronistic presence of the elephant as 21st century people-mover stimulates discussion about urban mass transportation.

ELRT - Elephant Light Rail Transit ELRT - Elephant Light Rail Transit
Paper Cutouts
by Justin Muzyka

A monument to the memory of a simple, fragile toy: paper people. There is something funny about the emphemeral nature of memory embodied in 1200 pounds of steel.

Paper Cutouts Paper Cutouts


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