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Opened in May 1974, the Marine Museum of Manitoba was dedicated to the preservation of nautical history by restoring ships from the colorful past of Manitoba waterways. A storehouse of artifacts and records from Lake Winnipeg cruisers is housed aboard Manitoba's historic vessels. Nautical heritage comes to life with a visit to the Museum. The Museum is located in Selkirk, Manitoba.

The Marine Museum The Marine Museum Black Bear Island
Lighthouse from 1898
The Marine Museum The Marine Museum The Marine Museum
The Marine Museum The Marine Museum
S.S. Keenora

Manitoba's oldest and best loved steamship. Built in 1897, she was a passenger and freight steamship on Lake of the Woods, the Red River and Lake Winnipeg. The Keenora accommodated 65 passenger cabins in her 158 foot length and travelled up to 15 knots. After coming to Winnipeg in 1917, a syndicate of Winnipeg lawyers used her for a season as a floating dance hall. Those who travelled aboard the Keenora in the past, fondly remember her days as a proud lake steamer. She is still in the limelight today as a mecca for those wanting to learn about Manitoba's lake history.

S.S. Keenora S.S. Keenora S.S. Keenora
S.S. Keenora S.S. Keenora S.S. Keenora
S.S. Keenora S.S. Keenora S.S. Keenora
S.S. Keenora S.S. Keenora
Joe Simpson

The Joe Simpson was named after the famous hockey player, Bullet Joe Simpson, originally from Selkirk. Built in 1963, the Joe Simpson being a flat bottomed vessel took over the duties of the Chickama II as a freighter travelling from Warrens Landing to Norway House.

Joe Simpson Joe Simpson Joe Simpson
Chickama II

Built in 1942 by the Purvis Company of Selkirk the Chickama II operated as a passenger and freight vessel on Play Green Lake. Every spring she travelled north to Warren's Landing to make regular trips through the shallow rocky waters to Norway House. She took the cargo from the Keenora who was unable to navigate the waters of the smaller lake.

Chickama II Chickama II Chickama II
Lady Canadian

The Lady Canadian was a fish freighter built in 1944. It was bulit by the Purvis Company and was later rebuilt by Riverton Boatworks in 1963. Originally she was owned by Canadian Fish Products and was also used by Manitoba Hydro as a survey ship.

Lady Canadian Lady Canadian
Peguis II

The Peguis II was a government tug built for Public Works in 1955. It operated on Lake Winnipeg from 1955 to 1974 as a dredge tender. It assisted in the movement of barges loaded with sand, silt and mud from the dredging of harbours and channels.

Peguis II Peguis II
C.G.S. Bradbury

Prefabricated in Sorel, Quebec, the Bradbury was assembled on the bank of the Selkirk slough in 1915. During her career she served the Federal Government as fishering patrol vessel, a lighthouse tender and an icebreaker until she was forced to retire in 1973. History records numerous accounts of her valour and distinction. Among them is the 1917 journey through half a foot of ice, taking doctors and medicine to a northern settlement struck by a flu epidemic. The Bradbury was recommissioned after being idle from 1935 to 1952. She was outfitted with new diesel engines and continued her previous duties as well as becoming a dredge tender and transportation vessel for Govenrment officials visiting the lake. She is a boat of distinguished character and rich in history.

C.G.S. Bradbury C.G.S. Bradbury C.G.S. Bradbury
C.G.S. Bradbury C.G.S. Bradbury C.G.S. Bradbury
C.G.S. Bradbury


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