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Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden features the work of internationally recoginized artist Leo Mol born in Ukraine in 1915. Mr. Mol moved to Winnipeg in 1949. He donated this collection of sculptures, paintings, drawings and ceramics to the City of Winnipeg. The Garden was officially opened in Assiniboine Park on June 18, 1992 in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Mol.

Lumberjacks (1990)

Family Group (1990)

Mary McGiverin (1966)

Trumpeter (1990)

Taras Shevchenko (1964)
Head of the figure for the monument in Washington D.C.

Blind Bandurist (1996)

Wild Pig with Young
A tribute to a place of fond memories

In Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act in May, 1947
Created in 1997 by Leo Mol in recognition of the contribution of Chinese workers in building the Canadian Pacific Railway

Grizzly Bear Cubs (1993)

Polar Bear and Cub (1982)

Tom Lamb (1991)

J. Diefenbaker (1985)

Haydamaky (1970)
Taras Shevchenko (1970)
Taras Shevchenko (1964)
Katrina (2000)
Alexander Young Jackson
Moses (1984)
Torso of Balance (1975)
Hope (1996)
Anne (1983)
Swing and Reflecting Pool (1980)
In The Wind (1983)
Surprise (1976)
Marijka (1982)
School Girl
Torso With Pigtails (1981)
Model (1993)
Leni (1979)
The Sower (1992)
100th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Dutch in Manitoba 1893-1993
William Forbes Alloway (1996)
Europa (1995)
White-Tailed Deer (1990)
Bear Cubs (1976)
Jane Lawson (1972)
Deer (1984)
Playful Cubs (1975)
Tree Bears (1997)
On The Move (1999)
Sunny (1978)
Dream (1974)
Deer and Fawn (1990)


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