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Bannock Point Petroforms

While the exact cultural origin of the boulder figures laid out on the tablerock of the Whiteshell is unknown, they are believed to be prehistoric and may represent the ritual activity of Algonkian speaking groups. The turtles, snakes, humans and geometrics represented here cover nearly the full range of variation in North America sites of this kind. For this reason, and because of the limited styles of effigies which occur elsewhere, it may be that this phenomenon was diffused outward from the Whiteshell, particlarly south and west through Minnesota, the Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana and Alberta. There are no fixed interpretattions of the figures. There are many levels of understanding, therefore, many ways to interpret the teachings.

Petroform Turtle Turtle
Snake Petroform Petroform
Turtle Turtle Turtle
Petroform Petroform Petroform
Snake Snake Snake
Petroform Petroform Petroform
Turtle Wolf Head Snake
Cloth Offerings Turtle Petroform
Life Journey Turtle Petroform
Petroform Petroform Fish
Offering of crystal Snake Turtle
Life journey Frog Sturgeon
same petroform different angle
same petroform different angle
same petroform different angle
Petroform Fish Petroform
Petroform Petroform Ron our guide with "Grandmother"
Petroforms Petroforms Petroforms
Medicine Wheel Medicine Wheel Petroforms
Petroform Petroform Thunderbird
Thunderbird Petroform Pregnant Woman
Cloth Offerings Cloth Offerings Cloth Offerings
Cloth Offerings Cloth Offerings Cloth Offerings


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