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Manitoba Town Statues
Across Canada many towns have erected oversized statues depicting what they believe to be an identifying mark of their town. Some of them are quite obvious, perhaps a statue symbolizing a local product or historical event. Some are down right bizzare. They hope that tourists will stop by and take photos of these unusual homages - I know it works on me. Manitoba is no different. In my travels around the province I've come across many of these statues and feature them on this page. I believe that up to this point I have every one that can be considered to be a town statue. If I'm missing any from your town please send me an email letting me know and I'll make sure to stop by in my future travels.

Altona - Van Gogh's Sunflowers
Altona is the Sunflower Capital of Canada and is part of a larger international art project that will see seven easels erected around the world. The easel is 80 feet high.

Arborg - Curling Rock
In honour of Arborg, Manitoba's high school curlers

Arden - Crocuses
The crocus is the floral emblem of Manitoba and Arden has a Crocus festival each year.

Ashern - Sharptail Grouse
For 25 years Ashern hosted the International 'One-Box Sharptail Hunt'
Ashern is the Land of the Sharptail

Austin - 1910 25-75 Case Steam Engine
"The engine was purchased in 1911 and operated in the Green Bluff School District in the R.M. of Strathclair. From 1911 to 1929 it did custom threshing but due to poor crops caused by rust, Mr. McMurachy was unable to meet his financial commitment and in 1937 he moved to the McConnell District. In 1935 this engine and a 40-60 Case Thresher harvested the McMurachy wheat from which Selkirk wheat was developed."

Boissevain - Turtle
"Tommy the Turtle"

"To create the importance of the Turtle Derby as an International event"

Cranberry Portage - Tipi
World's Largest Canvas Tipi

Dauphin - Beaver
Erected to commemorate Canada's Centennial

Dominion City - Sturgeon
"The Fish"

"This is an original size re-production of Manitoba's biggest sturgeon. Weight - 406 lbs. Length - 15 1/2 ft. Age - 150 years. A femaile full of caviar. This record sturgeon was taken out of the Roseau River east of Dominion City by Sandy Waddell, October 27, 1903. Hauled home in a seven foot Democrat by a team of horses, five feet of this monster still trailed the ground."

Dunrea - Snow Goose

"In celebration of the Year 2000, the Dunrea Flea Market Committee has erected this snow goose sculpture. This sculpture recognizes our geographic location in the central North American Geese Flyway. These geese have been known to migrate through this area since the late 1880's. The hardy snow geese are the most numerous among all breeds that migrate through this area."

Elm Creek - Fire Hydrant
"World's Largest Fire Hydrant"

Built over the course of seven months by volunteer fire fighters and completed in July, 2001 the fire hydrant in nearly 30 feet tall. You can compare the size of the fire hyrant with an actual one right in front of it.

Emerson - Mountie
"The March West"

"In remembrance of the 300 members of the newly formed North West Mounted Police who set out on their famous march west from nearby Fort Dufferin on the 8 July 1874 to bring law and order to the western Canadian frontier."

Erikson - Viking Ship
Erected to commemorate the Scandinavian heritage of the area.

Flin Flon - Josiah Flintabattey Flonatin
"Flin Flon is named after Josiah Flintabattey Flonatin, an adventurer in "The Sunless City", a novel by E. Preston Muddock. In 1914 a copy was found in the wilderness of northern Manitoba by a party of prospectors. A year later, these men working claims near the present site of Flin Flon, came upon a conical hole having a rich showing of gold. Tom Creighton, recalling the adventures of Flintabattey Flonatin who escaped from an underground lake through a large gold studded hole in the earth's crust, suggested the claims be called Flin Flon. The others agreed and that is how Flin Flon got it's name. Erected in 1962 - Designed by Al Capp."

Gilbert Plains - Golf Ball
"Gilbert" - the community mascot.

Gimli - The Viking
The viking was chosen to commemorate the area's large Icelandic population.

Gladstone - The Happy Rock
Happy Rock = Gladstone
Get it?

Glenboro - Camel

"This camel is emblematic of Manitoba's only desert"

Grunthal - Buffalo
"The Grunthal Chamber of Commerce, erected this statue in 1995, to commemorate the tourism brought to this area through the efforts of Nick and Sara Janz and their family, at the Cottonwood Corner Game Farm."

Holland - Windmill
The Windmill at Holland Windmill Park

Inwood - Garter Snakes
"Sam and Sara"

The statue was constructed to make people aware of the Narcisse Snake Dens nearby.

Komarno - Mosquito
This statue serves as a weather vane.

La Broquerie - Cow
La Broquerie is the largest milk producing centre in Manitoba. The Cow was built for the Parish of La Broquerie's Centennial in 1983.

La Riviere - Wild Turkey
"Tom the Turkey"

La Riviere was the first area in Manitoba that the wild turkey was introduced

Langruth - Giant Blue Heron
Langruth is the bird watching capital of Manitoba. The town mascot statue is a giant blue heron which heralds the arrival of bird watchers coming to see waterbirds, shorebirds and waterfowl during the spring and fall migrations and neo-tropical songbirds on the forested ridge along Hollywood Beach where piping plovers have also been observed.

Lundar - Canada Goose
"The giant Canada goose, symbol of our community, which was brought back from near extinction, through the foresight of Mr. W.A. Murphy & Associates."

McCreary - Alpine Archie
Built for the 1979 Canada Winter Games

Meleb - Mushrooms
"These three mushrooms that form the statue is the logo for the Meleb-Park-Cumming School Reunion Committee. Mushrooms conjure up many happy memories of picking, cooking, eating; of family and friends; and somehow always Babas in the background comforting, sheltering, nourishing as in childhood. People of all ages enjoy scouring the Meleb woods for mushrooms."

Melita - Banana
The Melita Banana
Erected in August 2010. The banana represents Melita's location in southwestern Manitoba's so-called Banana Belt, so named because of the comparatively moderate weather. The blue jay symbolizes Melita's status as a key site for bird conservation in the province.

Minitonas - Sunflower
The Minitonas Sunflower

Minnedosa - Canvasback Duck
This statue was a Millenium project. The area around Minnedosa is a summer breeding ground for the Canvasback.

Neepawa - Birdhouse
The Purple Martin Capital

Oak Lake - Ox
Dedicated to pioneers who used the natural oak and materials to repair their carts on their journey to points west during the late 1800's.

Onanole - Elk
"The Onanole Elk Steering Committee of 1996 in cooperation with the Province of Manitoba and private donors dedicate this elk roadside park to the pioneers and residents of Onanole."

Petersfield - Mallard
"Home of the Mallard Duck"

Pilot Mound - Buffalo
Two Pilot Mound buffalos which flank the town sign

Pinawa - Sundial
The Pinawa Sundial

Poplarfield - King Buck
"This sculpture was placed on its pedestal in the year 1991 paying tribute to a magnificent resourceful animal, the White Tailed Deer, that lives and thrives among us all today. It provided sustenance to the pioneers during hard times, then recreational sport for the hunters of today. Therefore, let us strive to protect this animal for future generations. Great community participation, support, and donations from people and businesses near and far have made it possible to erect this monument in all its majesty."

Portage La Prairie - Coca-Cola Can
"The World's Largest Coca-Cola Can"

It was originally constructed from an old water tower.

Riverton - Moose
The Riverton Moose

Roblin - Diamond
Roblin is the"Jewel of the Parkland". There is a Millennium time capsule for Roblin in the diamond and the diamond revolves with the aid of a motor. The time capsule is scheduled to be opened in July 2013 during Roblin's Centennial.

Roland - Pumpkin
"Edgar Van Wyck has been hailed as the "Pumpkin King of Roland" in recognition of the ten first place records at the Royal Winter Fair and attaining the Manitoba records in 1984 and 1988. In 1976, his 423 pound pumpkin earned him a page in the Guiness Book of Records, but it was in 1986 that he grew his giant squash of 560 pounds. We commemorate this pumpkin replica in his honour".

Roseisle - Roses
"Roseisle received its name in the early 1890's by settlers Mr. and Mrs. A. Beggs. Struck by the beauty of a small rose-covered 'isle' rising out of the water after a big rain, the Beggs decided Roseisle was an appropriate name for the area. The name stuck and later was adopted for the town when the railway came through in 1901".

Russell - Bull
Arthur the Beef and Barley Bull

Sandy Lake - Rose
Sandy Lake Rose

Selkirk - Catfish
"Landed in Selkirk May 1986 "Chuck the Channel Cat" Dedicated to good sport and good fishing".

St. Claude - Tobacco Pipe
"The World's Largest Smoking Pipe"

"Some of the first settlers arriving in this region in 1892 were from the city of St. Claude in the province of Jura, France. The main industry of this city in France was the manufacturing of smoking pipes. This 'pipe' was promoted and funded by the St. Claude Chamber of Commerce".

St. Francois Xavier - White Horse
"A Sioux Indian chief wished to marry the beautiful daughter of an Assiniboine chief. The Assiniboine, however, gave his daughter's hand to a Cree chief with whom she was in love because the Cree offered a rare snow white horse as a gift. The angry Soiux pursued the Cree and his bride whose father had returned the horse to help them escape. The Sioux killed them both but the horse escaped. For years it was seen roaming the surrounding plain and in memory of the young lovers this part of Manitoba became known as White Horse Plain."

St. Malo - White-Tailed Deer
"Unveiled by His Royal Highness The Prince Edward - July 7, 1990 - to commemorate the only successful deer relocation program in Canada"

Sifton - Spinning Wheel
"This symbolic spinning wheel has been erected by the residents of Sifton to honor Willard McPhedrain, the founder of Mary Maxim Ltd. What began as a tiny Sifton company, with a small staff of friends and neighbors in the late 1940's, has become the largest international mail order company. By the late 1950's Mary Maxim had become a household name with knitters across Canada."

Snow Lake - Sheave Wheel
The Snow Lake Sheave Wheel

Steinbach - Rolls Royce
The Automobile City

"Symbolizing Steinbach's distinction as the automobile city is this 1931 Classic Rolls Royce Roadster, about double the size of the original, it is 40 feet in length, 12 feet in width, and 11 1/2 feet in height."

Stonewall - Limestone Kiln
Dedicated August 6, 1978
In recognition of 100 years of settlement in the town of Stonewall.

Swan River - Swan
The Swan River Swan

Teulon - Castle Sign
The founding father of Teulon, Charles C. Castle, gave the town its name. Castle, an inspector with the Canadian Pacific Railway was instrumental in attracting the railway line to Teulon. Residents showed their appreciation to him by asking him to choose a name for the community. He graciously accepted and chose his wife's maiden name - Teulon. This sign was erected in his name.

The Pas - Trapper
Erected in commemoration of The Pas' annual Trappers Festival

Thompson - The Miner
"This statue was erected in the year of our city's 25th anniversary to honour the men and women who daily toil in the service of our community's basic industry. Located on the site of the annual Nickel Days Festival and King Miner contest, the statue serves as the focal point for these celebrations"

Transcona - Hi Neighbour Sam
Hi Neighbour Sam Greeter

Virden - Oil Well
In commemoration of the oil industry in Western Manitoba.

Winnipeg Beach - Totem Pole
"Here stands a tribute to the aboriginal people of Manitoba. What was once a 6 foot thick, 30 foot cedar log from Campbell River, British Columbia now stands as a symbol of brotherhood in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba. This creation, by wood carver, Peter "Wolf" Toth, began on Canada Day, July 1, 1991 and was ceremoniously unveiled on September 1, 1991.This is the 67th carving in a long trail of Whispering Giants that started in 1970 and now reaches throughout most of North America. In creator Peter "Wolf" Toth's Words, "My monuments are made to remind people of the contributions of the Indians of this country - statues to honor the plight of the native peoples of North America"

Big Chair
The chair sits in a farmers field right by the highway on Highway #8 just north of Highway #67. Driving by you can often see people posing on the chair and taking photos.


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